1 + 1 Does Not Equal 2


When you have two people come together to share their lives, 1 + 1 does not equal 2! 1 +1 = 1! When you are in a relationship, two whole and complete people come together to make a whole and complete union, a union of 1. However, to start both parties must be loving, kind, caring, respectful, supportive and most importantly generous toward themselves before they can offer anything more of the same to someone else.

Here wholeness relates to a healthy sense of self, a wholesome sense of value and worth. Wholeness also means that each individual within the relationship must each have their own sense of direction. Often we use our relationships as a crutch. That something to hold us up, that something that makes it easier for us to get by. We each want the other person to make us whole. Try to picture two cripples trying to stand on one crutch; it is likely they both will fall. Therefore, it is best to move in and out of relationships as whole people, with separate strengths to bring to the table. As we add who we are to whom our mate is, we should then be able to come up with one wholesome unit.



  1. Very Nice Article. True to itself.
    True to one self as individuals and true to one selves as couple or say together.

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