A Flawed Diamond is Still a Diamond!


Some of the ladies may not like this one, but I am going to keep it real on this one. There are a lot of women who date men with the thought of changing him into what it is she wants him to be, instead of excepting him for who he is. I should know because I was once one of those types. I dated this guy once that wore the weirdest outfits and every time we would go out I would be totally embarrassed, because he wasn’t dressed how I preferred he be dressed.

He was the sweetest and nicest guy, but I just couldn’t get pass the clothing. Of course that relationship didn’t last long because he could no longer take my downing his outfits, and I couldn’t really blame him. However, I learned a great lesson from that experience and as I matured, I swore going forward I would look past something so meaningless and just appreciate the next man for who he was as a person, clothing and all.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself “Self-Righteous” but there are a lot of self-righteous women out there and they know who they are. They are the women that can’t accept a man that makes less money than they do, he doesn’t drive the right type of car, he don’t have the right educational background, or even worse he is currently unemployed. They are the type of women that drive a man away by demanding perfection. A self-righteous woman truly believes that a man’s sole purpose in life is to be what she wants him to be. She totally forgets or doesn’t care that he is on his own journey through life. She is the type of woman that chooses to ignore the fact that men have the same problems, the same issues and some of the same fears as most women. A lot of women are great at masking their issues much better than men are, but that gives them no reason to think they are better or to judge anyone else.

A self-righteous woman can never be satisfied. A man can never live up to her expectations. He can never give enough or do enough to please her. And if he did do what she wanted he probably was too slow, or zoomed through what whatever it was she asked him to do. The one thing that a self-righteous woman tends to always over look is her own flaws, which is probably why she has so much time to examine the man’s shortcomings. This is unfortunate because what she fails to realize is that a flawed diamond is still a diamond.



  1. I love this message. Very true.

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