Put The Trophy Back In The Case


When Joan Clayton was just fourteen, she would dream of becoming the valedictorian of her high school graduating class at “No Mountain High Enough” high school. She wanted to be the one everyone saw delivering the valedictory at the graduation ceremony. Joan worked very hard to reach that goal and she made her dream a reality. As a matter-of-fact at the age of twenty-eight and regardless if anyone asks her about it…she still talks about it.

Of course, it’s wonderful to have moments of glory and you should enjoy them to the fullest. After all, you’ve worked hard and have totally earned your just award. It is even justifiable for you to brag a little bit of your past successes, but then the time should come where you move on and allow those past successes to motivate you to work toward your next goal.

You have much bigger dreams and goals,do you really want to end up twenty or thirty years later still bragging about a goal that came to fruition many moons ago? The main joy of if all should come from you working toward a goal and the feeling of excitement you feel as you get closer to it- not so much the celebration of it all.

So, put the trophy back in the case and start working on your next reason to celebrate.


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