Stop Terrorizing Yourself!

Conflicting Emotions 40 year old Shelly Carter thought she would never get married. Her younger sister Melissa has been married for 12 years, her brother Jason for 20. Although, Shelly has dated a number of men, some she really liked and thought she could build a future with, and some she just couldn’t tolerate. She had yet to find that man that swept her off her feet. Shelly would pray for a husband and like most of us that pray and ask God for that special wish we want; (As if God needs to be bribed in order to answer prays). Shelly promised to become closer to God if he would send her a good man of husband material. Well, God answered Shelly’s prayer and she met the man of her dreams. They got married and then the changes came. The changes that come with married life that Shelly had no clue about. Although, she was full of joy and happiness, she became frightened and uncertain that she had done the right thing by getting married. Sometimes when the thing that we really want finally does show up in our lives, we usually have two types of emotions at the same time, joy and terror! We can become so excited that we’re finally getting what we want that we are terrorized by what it means. What it means is that life is really on our side and that we really do deserve to have what we want. It can also mean that all of our hard work is paying off and that things are getting ready to change…dramatically. However, those conflicting emotions of joy and terror sends a message of urgency through our bodies that sometimes kills off our joy. We can become so engrossed in the terror of losing, or moving and of changing that we lose sight of the answered prayer. Terror can make you busy. And busyness can lead to self-sabotage! Whenever you feel yourself in a state of urgency, slow down and check in with yourself to make sure you are not allowing that feeling of terror to steal your joy.


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