Show a Little Tenderness


“We are our own worst enemy”

It’s true that when you reflect on the things you have done and not done, there is a tendency to beat up on yourself. We are so quick to criticize, judge, and even condemn ourselves far worse than the world could or would. So we wither away from doing or attempting to do. You cannot allow yourself to wither away if you want to get to your greatness! You must allow your past to become a road map, a key that unlocks yours capabilities, which gives you an understanding of your deficiency. Your past simply tells you what you can and cannot do and what you need to work on or work out.

It is important that you know every precise detail of yourself. For your past is like an X-ray machine. Once you see what is showing in the X-ray, don’t allow yourself to wither up, Shine! Because now you know, which means you can take the necessary steps toward healing and correction. Don’t fight yourself! Accept who you are now and all you’ve done. You have been through a lot in life. So, show yourself some tenderness by giving yourself a hug or pat on the back, it could be just what you need.


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