The Journey


“There are people who say I’m crazy. That’s okay. I can live with that.” – Carl Lewis

This quote really speaks to me. I have been called crazy by those I thought would be somewhat supportive, but as Carl states in his quote, “That’s okay. I can live with that.” Maybe you have expressed an interest, idea, goal or even a dream you have that you shared with someone and they have called you crazy as well. It’s okay! It is not theirs to understand.

I know it can be a little hurtful when you express those thoughts, ideas, goals or dreams to those you feel should be supportive and all they do is laugh. But you have to have self-determination to get through their laughter. You see, if we spend our lives worrying about what people say about the choices we are making, then whose life are we really living?

It can be hard for those who desire to live up to say, their mother’s or father’s image, but would like to go another route on their journey through life. We may confuse their wants with ours and wind up becoming depressed and frustrated adults.

Allow them to talk, whoever “they” may be. You have to remember they have their own motivation for saying what they say, especially when it comes to knocking others ambitions. We have to live up to ourselves – our own morals, values and dreams – if not we’ll end up barely living at all.


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