Sweet Maria


Sweet Maria works at a little coffee shop I frequent. I call her sweet Maria because she is such a sweet heart. She greets everyone with a smile and always has something funny to say to her regular customers, which I happen to be. One morning as I was in line waiting my turn and switching musical tunes on my phone, I hear one of the cashiers yell “Oh no! Here he comes; I am not dealing with his deaf ass today.” Then she and sweet Maria ran to the back to avoid this person. As I turned around to see who they were referring to, it was this very happy go lucky deaf gentleman coming in smiling from ear to ear, yelling hello and waving at the women that had ran to the back. The manager had to come out to help the other cashiers wait on the remaining customers including the deaf gentleman.

I couldn’t believe the manager had allowed the women to act that way. I was really shocked that sweet Maria had shown me her true colors by following in her co-workers footsteps. As the man yelled I had noticed from the sound of his voice that he may need assistance. Anyone that has been around a deaf person understands what I mean by this. Anyway, after I got my coffee and since I know sign language I waited a while to see if the gentleman needed assistance. Although, the manager looked annoyed as all out, he did act like a manager and managed to assist the man. I was glad to see that the man had written down his order as to not be anymore unknowingly disrespected, so I went on my way.

I left the coffee shop feeling a little sad. Sad for the happy go lucky man that had no idea what was going on and also sad that sweet Maria was not as sweet as I thought she was.

The point of that little anecdote is that you cannot allow the judgments of strangers control you. Although, that man was being unknowingly disrespected because of his disability, he had no idea and yet, he didn’t feel any shame of coming into a coffee shop to get waited on knowing that he has a disability and others may not understand him. He continued to be his happy go lucky self and even had a note to make not only his life easier, but theirs as well. You cannot allow what others may think about you, affect you. Because it is not about what others think of you, but what you think about yourself that counts. Sometimes in life regardless of your circumstances you have to do what is right for you and your life, without giving a hoot what your life looks like to everyone else who doesn’t even know you.


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