Pace Yourself


There you go again, glancing left and right to see how everybody else is doing. You are so busy taking note on that friend that got the dream job, that promotion or a raise in pay, or maybe you’re eying that friend who’s planning a wedding, or buying a brand new car or a house. Why are you getting so antsy? Are you thinking you should be further along?

Don’t you realize you have to go at your own pace? Of course what we see happening in others may inspire us to work harder in order to hurry along the awards and get the recognition, and there is no harm in that, as long as you don’t become frantic or messy. There are also times our natural body rhythm will tell us to chill out and fall back for a while; that too can be productive.

Start trusting your internal clock and start realizing that we all progress at different rates. When you compare yourself with others you are just demoralizing yourself. I am not sure who or what made you think otherwise, but it’s time you start to realize that there is no standard time for human growth and achievement.

Instead of trying to compare; try pacing yourself, by doing one thing each day that will get you closer toward achieving one of your goals.


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