Don’t Ignore the Father

heavenly father 2

Why is it that we only believe in the things that we can see? While at the same time we allow the things we can’t see to take up so much of our time and energy; most which cannot be seen with the physical eye. We are not capable of seeing our thoughts or our feelings. We can’t see our own anger, fear, guilt or shame. You can’t see most of the things you constantly worry about and yet, they take up your thoughts, time and energy. We allow this to happen to us so much so, that we don’t even allow ourselves to see just how wonderful we are at the present moment.

Want to know what else you can’t see? You also can’t see the powerful energy that is all around you. Yet, the energy is there guiding and protecting you. It is an energy that lifts you up, lights you up and picks you up when you have fallen down. It is the energy of the Father. You can’t see Him so you totally ignore Him. Just like your problems and your past which you are constantly worrying about, the Father cannot be seen with the naked eye. Because He cannot be seen you, doubt that He is even real. And this to you makes perfect sense right? Since, seeing is believing. However, if this is so, why do you give so much attention to other invisible things that can never do for you what the Father has already done?


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