Can you believe this is finally happening?!


It was finally happening, the thing Mona has wanted since she was a little girl playing dress up from her mother’s closet. Mona was getting married! As she stood in the mirror of the boutique looking back at her reflection as she tried on various wedding dresses, she was excited, yet unsure at the same time. She thought “Will I be a good wife?” “Am I wife material?” “Does he really love me?” “What about children?” “Will I be a good mother?” “Do I even want children?” All of these thoughts were urgently going through Mona’s head; making her wonder if this was what she truly wanted. Mona was terrorizing herself with the thing she always wanted.

Isn’t it strange how when the thing we really want finally does show up in our lives, we usually have two emotions at the same time, joy and terror? We can be so excited that we are finally getting what we want that we are terrorized by what it all means. What it means is that we deserve the things we want. It doesn’t matter if you are finally getting married, or the positions you have been working so hard for, or that big house on the hill you have been saving to purchase. What it all means is that all of your hard work is paying off and things are getting ready to drastically change.

Yet, all of those conflicting emotions of joy and terror send a message of urgency through our body that sometimes kills off our joy. We can become so absorbed in the terror of losing, of moving and of changing that we lose sight of the prayer that has been answered. Terror makes you busy, and busyness can result to self-sabotage! When you find yourself in a state of urgency, take time to check in with yourself to make sure that you are not allowing terror to steal your joy.


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