I know who I Am!

comic con 5

This past week the famous “Comic-Con” Convention was held in CT. This is a huge comic convention which takes place internationally. It is an event in which fans of a particular film, television series, comic book, actor, or an entire genre of entertainment such as science fiction or anime and manga, gather to participate and hold programs and other events, and to meet experts, famous personalities, and each other. Some also incorporate commercial activity. So you can see not only is it a fun experience for those involved, but it is a very BIG DEAL!

It was originated and trademarked from San Diego and is held in various places such as Baltimore, Denver, Pittsburgh, Seattle, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Utah, Colorado, Detroit, Texas, San Diego, Moscow Russia, Romania, Dubai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai India, as well as United Kingdom and Canada.

It is an event where all comic book and sci-fi lovers can get dressed up in their favorite characters and become them for the weekend. Wouldn’t we all like to become someone different if only for a weekend?

Some people will call those taking part in this event freaks, strange, or weird. I realized that some people are truly unaware of all the time, creativity, preparation and money these people had put into making or purchasing their costumes and getting into character for this event. And yes, also seemed to be unaware of what it was all about.

It amazes me how there will always be people who attempt to diminish or dismiss you. Some will not know any better, others simply don’t care. A few will do it innocently. Others are consciously skeptical about, afraid of, or cynical about things they don’t know about or care about. Some are just plain afraid. None of that matters. What matters is your intent. What matters is your truth. What matters is what you know and feel about yourself. There is an old African proverb which states:”It’s not what people call me, it’s what I answer to that count.”



  1. The convention sounds like fun. As you said, who doesn’t dream of being somebody else at times! I loved your choice of concluding with the African proverb.

    • It is a form of creativity and art. I believe it must be fun for those involved. Thanks, for always sending me positive comments. 🙂

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