I should have known better than to…


Trust, do you know whom to trust? How are you supposed to know who is real and who is not real? People say things that you want to believe, but something in your gut sends off bells and whistles in your head! How are you supposed to know what to do? Is it you? Is it them? Whom do you trust?

We all have been placed with the dilemma of not knowing what to do and whom to trust. The easiest way to solve the dilemma is to ask yourself. “Can I be trusted?” “Have I honored my word?”If you have then it’s a pretty good chance that those who come forth to help you can and will. If you haven’t, then the other person is not the issue, you are.

It is a sad and unsettling feeling you have when you once trusted someone and then find out they can no longer be trusted. Things change in your relationship and how you deal with them. You find yourself no longer confiding in them. You be cordial, but keep your distance. You also find yourself telling them only so much because they cannot be trusted. They are no longer the person you will go to if you have a problem.

Yet, if you are the person that can no longer be trusted, you must be harboring old memories, old guilt, and shame. The way to resolve the issue is to confront your errors to yourself, forgive yourself, and come clean with everyone else. Until your heart and mind are cleaned, you cannot make a decision to trust others because you know you cannot trust yourself. When you live the truth, tell the truth, and release the past, you have no reason not to trust them or yourself.

You must trust yourself to know the truth when you see it!


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