“Giving Up is Not an Option”

.giving up

Somehow in the midst of what seems to be the worst possible thing that could happen you must find the strength that you need to persevere. You must develop the courage that will be required to take the next step. There were three times that I needed to find strength in my life time. The first was when my youngest son was born prematurely and weighed only 1lb and 14oz. I needed strength to take care of my other two boys, as I tried my best to remain positive about the outcome of my youngest. The second time was during and after my divorce. I needed to find the courage to get through those nasty court dates and the strength to move forward in my life as I took care of myself and my three sons. And the third time was when my mother died. Being an only child I had to find the courage and the strength to make the final decisions for her and handle everything by myself. Yet, I learned that you must face the challenges head on in order to realize that challenge comes to make you, not to break you.

Not to say those were my only challenges in life because I have had many challenges, those were just my toughest challenges and my faith has gotten me through every last one of them. Maybe you’ve lost a job, home, or loved one, which can be a devastating experience. Maybe your challenge is a child or a family member who has gone astray and you just don’t know what to do to get them back on the right path. Maybe you are being faced with unexpected changes like a divorce or an illness. Whatever your challenge may be, it can shake you to the core. Yet, somehow you need to believe that you are up for the task. Believe that you do have the strength. Believe and remember that you can trust life to give you the courage that is needed to do anything or face anything. As painful or frightening the difficulty may be you will do what needs to be done because you have no other choice. And baby…giving up is just not an option!

You must tell yourself “This is going to make me stronger! This is going to make me wiser!” This challenge, no matter what it is, has come to make you bigger, brighter, stronger, more loving and compassionate. No way, will it break you! You must Trust yourself. Trust life. Because you will make it through this! Up until now you may have been feeling as if you were about to break down. Call forth the strength, courage, wisdom, power and insight. Ask to be guided through those next minutes, hours or days to that place of peace.

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