“45 Free Things to Do for Enjoyment”

With all the things we each have going on in our lives being able to have a good time with minimum to no cash may seem impossible for some. But, just because you are low on cash doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Here are 45 things you can do, whenever the mood strikes…some are productive, many relaxing and others are just plain fun. Best of all, you won’t break the bank and remain totally within! your budget. Enjoy!

1. While we still have a few days of summer left…visit a beach (most you’ll have to pay is parking).
2. Sign up for a free class.
3. Cook up a new recipe with leftovers you may have.
4. Go swimming.
5. Plant some flowers in your garden.
6. Go for a bike ride.
7. Make a scrapbook.
8. Write in your journal.
9. Take a nap.
10. Take Photos of interesting sights in your area.
11. Watch the sunset.
12. Practice some new makeup looks.
13. Go sightseeing.
14. Paint your nails.
15. Bond with your family by playing board games.
16. Organize your closet.
17. Change things up by rearranging your furniture.
18. Try out a new hairstyle at home.
19. Attend a free outdoor concert.
20. Practice some yoga.
21. Have a get together with your girlfriends and do a clothes swap.
22. Have a movie night at home with your loved ones.
23. Do some arts and crafts.
24. Start a DIY project.
25. Have a garage sale (make money).
26. Write a letter to someone.
27. Listen to some music.
28. Start planning your next getaway.
29. Organize your makeup or bathroom cabinets.
30. Start or finish a puzzle.
31. Have a picnic.
32. Clean up all your email.
33. Listen to a podcast.
34. Play a card game.
35. Write a bucket list.
36. Organize old photos into a photo album.
37. Visit a museum (most are free with membership).
38. Exercise.
39. Do a spa treatment at home.
40. Get rid of clutter.
41. Clean out your garage.
42. Go for a drive.
43. Go fishing.
44. Video chat with an old friend.
45. Fly a kite.


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