In The Spotlight


People who shine from within don’t need a spotlight. To be a light in this world doesn’t only mean that you will be a rock-star, or a big time celebrity. Shining from within could also mean that you do well at your day-to-day job so you can help provide for those who may otherwise go without. Being a light can also mean that you help to spark the life of the person who is meant to be in the spotlight, and they can only achieve greatness with your assistance and hard work.

We should never underestimate the power that the people have behind the scenes. Everything that turned out to be great has been helped by people who will probably never get the credit that they deserve. It truly takes a strong character and an even stronger course of action to be the type of person that shines through their work and gives genuine acts of love and concern for others on a daily basis.

We should live life unselfishly. Why not get into the hearts of those people who need your nurturing, wisdom and love. Shine from within, for the world will see the spotlight shining on you soon enough!


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