You Only Fail if You Commit to Failure


Many of us run into great adversity in our lives, and we refuse to look past the fact that we are only failures if we commit to being one. We can make decisions in life at almost every moment except in death. Like the caterpillar who goes through several different metamorphosis before becoming a beautiful butterfly, we may go through some really tough situations in life, but that doesn’t mean things will remain in that state.

Even after failure, there are still so many possibilities in life that you are still able to go after. You have not failed if you can pick yourself up and start again. Don’t allow one small or even large defeat stop you from continuing on to your journey and your purpose in life. You have to believe and have the faith to know that any adversity you are facing is only a temporary setback and will only last for a very limited amount of time.

Maybe you aren’t where you planned to be in life, and even if you don’t get to where you want to be in the time frame you feel you should be there; don’t get down or stress out about it. Consider yourself blessed because you are alive and still have the opportunity to make your life as good as you feel it should be.



  1. Encouraging words! Thank you!

    • Thank you Johann! Keep up the great works you are doing. 🙂

  2. Candy

    🙂 thar was beautiful.

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