It’s Not About the Happy Ending

happy ending

Have you ever thought about maybe it’s not about the happy endings in our lives, but about the story? Just because a situation in your life didn’t end in the matter of which you may have wanted it to, doesn’t mean that the experience that you gained is useless. It is most likely that what you experienced will be able to help you for the rest of your life. Life is not always about a “fairy-tale” movie with happy endings in which all the characters reap benefits of fulfillment and happiness even when they weren’t always deserving.

Our lives are full of ups and downs, seasons of happiness, and instances of disappointments, and how we are able to learn from each instance to enhance our future. Instead of always thinking of the best way to make a happy ending, maybe you should start thinking about the best way to be the best you on a day to day basis, from there the rest of the story will write itself!



  1. The True Light!

    For those readers who like the idea of meditation, I might suggest they add a prayer to God. He would love to hear from you. Just saying…


    • I totally agree! Thanks, for shedding the light!

      • The True Light!

        Thank you Cheryl for allowing me the opportunity to share something of God with you and your readers!


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