No Looking Back

no looking back 3

Whenever we face difficulty, obstacles, or challenging situations that are filled with turmoil in our lives the easiest route to take is anywhere but moving forward. You’re not supposed to look back; you’re supposed to keep going. Some like to look back and blame their past and the people in it for them not being able to move forward or to move on, when it is in fact their own fault for looking back instead of going forward.

I have gone through some tough times in my life, but I never blamed others for my troubles. Yes, it would be easy to do so, but how would me doing so change things or make things better? We must proceed through our lives and set our eyes on the prize, and just go for it no matter what is in our way at the present or what went wrong in our past. We have to make a conscious choice and effort to fight our human nature that most likely tells us to get angry, sad or whatever emotion that may fester, which will get us to lose focus on what is really important. Staying hungry for our future is the key, and we must be willing to fight harder than ever every single time a new challenge is standing in our way. There should be no looking back. So, don’t look back, just keep going!


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