A Cry for Attention


It amazes me the length people go to for attention. The thing about insecurity – you simultaneously crave an audience and at the same time you fear what others might be thinking of you. I’ll share an incident I recently seen take place where a person was craving the attention of others, yet feared what others thought of them.

One day while waiting to go into a meeting, a male was excited and full of jubilee as he was discussing his upcoming wedding with these two females. He started describing the décor, etc. Then one of the females asked him “Is your son going to be in your wedding?” Well, that must have struck a nerve with him as the other female asked him “You have a son?” He stated yes he has a son and then changed the subject by calling the female that asked about his son attending his wedding a name. You see he did this to take the once wanted attention off of himself, in fear of what the other female may ask next or what she may think. The female he called a name responded with “Oh really?” She didn’t retreat to calling him names, which she easily could have, and really hurt his feelings. Yet, instead she chose to just walk away from the situation until the meeting started.

Of course not everyone acts out to gain the approval of others, but no matter how you look at it; the need for attention is a call for love. Love from others and for one self. Now, I am not saying you must enable people to get out of control or that you should condone disrespectful and inconsiderate behavior or choices. I am just saying we must shift our perception so that we don’t get pulled into the drama. Look deeper below the surface before responding just as the female did. This way it is easier to recognize and maybe have empathy when attention seeking is actually a cry for help. It’s the same behavior as the school and office bullies who pick on others out of the need for attention. Look, we all seek validation every now and then, and as people we all crave attention. I know it can be a difficult thing to tolerate, but if we look at this type of behavior with a little compassion we will see their call for love and we would not allow the behavior of others to destroy our inner peace.

May INNER PEACE be with you!



  1. This is so true! I have a lot of those as co-students trying to impress the professors and then it goes totally in a different direction, when the prof. ask more complicated questions 😀 I find it is a very sad thing to live solely for the attention of others. Like you said, may Inner Peace be with us and some self-respect! 😉

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