Here Comes Trouble


Some of you may have been feeling as if you are about to break down. Somehow, in the midst of what seems to be the worst possible thing that could take place you must find the strength you need to persevere. You must develop the courage that is needed to take the next step. It is time to face the challenge eyeball-to-eyeball in order to realize the challenge comes to make you, not break you.

Losing things such as a job, your home or a loved one can be a devastating experience. Maybe your challenge is a child or family member that has gone astray. Or you could be faced with an unexpected change in your life like a divorce or an illness. Whatever your challenge may be, it can rock you to the core. Yet, somehow you must remember that you are up for the task. Remember that you do have the strength. You must also remember that you can trust life to give you the courage that is required to do anything or face anything.

I remember when my mom passed away, and me being an only child I was forced to deal with things I have never had to deal with before, but I got through it and whatever you are going through you shall get it through it as well. You must have faith and believe you can handle it. Because as painful or frightening as the difficulty may be, you will do what needs to be done because you have no other choice. Giving up won’t be an option!

So, give yourself a moment to take a breath. Allow everything you are feeling and thinking to move through your body. And the moment you start to feel that you can’t take it or won’t make it, reach down into the pit of your being and from that place let out a scream. Then you must pull out that power and strength within you. Tell yourself “This is going to make me stronger! This is going to make me wiser!” This challenge, no matter what it is, has come to make you bigger, brighter, stronger, more loving and compassionate. IT WILL NOT BREAK YOU! Trust yourself. Trust life. Ask to be guided through the next minute, hour or day to a place of peace.

You will make it through this!

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