Long Lost Brothers

What a wonderful story and it so happens to take place right when the holidays are closely approaching!

Look closely, some of you may recognize Barry Green. (click on link to see the reunion)



It was a happy ending in Hartford on Tuesday to a story that was 60 years in the making.

Two long-lost brothers met for the first time and, until recently, they had no idea each other existed.

Wayne Gross’ journey ends and begins in Hartford.

“Great anticipation, a little bit of fear to be honest but I’m ready to meet my brother for the first time,” the 60-year-old husband and father of two said on Tuesday.

He drove from Richmond, Va. To meet his brother Barry Green, who runs the Seafood Express food truck in State House Square.

Their story dates back to the 1950s. They were born in Germany to the same mother, just one year apart, but they were given up for adoption.

In June, Gross went looking online for his family and found out that he was the youngest of seven children.

Green is the only one living in the United States and didn’t know Gross existed until he called in July.

The rest of their siblings are in Germany, Thailand and Israel.

Their mom has since passed away but they know they’re lucky to now have a family bond that won’t ever be broken.

The brothers said they will spend some time getting to know each other and eventually they hope to visit their other siblings.


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