Falling in love with fall


Fall has finally arrived, bringing along the sounds of crunchy pine cones and leaves under our feet, the trees swaying with a variety of colorful foliage. The smell of the smoky wood burning as it slithers its way to the top of the fireplace chimney. Fall is the season that’s all about comfort. It’s the time for bulky sweaters, leggings, fuzzy socks and flannel shirts. The time to cuddle with your loved ones on the sofa while watching your favorite movies, or have a romantic dinner near the fireplace. Speaking of dinner, let’s not forget the yummy comfort food. Yes, y’all it’s soup time! Time we say adios to our barbecues, because now it’s all about the crock pots, homemade soups, beef stew, chili and curry. Yessireebob, comfort food is making its annual comeback.

Each day the darkness comes earlier and earlier as night falls and the temperature continues to drop. We begin to pull out all of our baking recipes and fill the air with scents of muffins, cookies, cakes and pies.

Fall is a busy season for many of us, piggy backed by both back to school and all of those end-of-year festivities. Fall also gives us a reason to decorate our homes, along with Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s the time we spend with family and friends going on hayrides, apple picking, sitting around outdoor fire pits, or having bonfires, sipping on hot cider with a cinnamon stick, a mug of hot chocolate or a nice glass of Merlot.

Fall is the season of renewal, rebirth, change, beginnings and the perfect opportunity to do something different, something bold and something beautiful. Fall in love with fall.



  1. What colors!

  2. “I fell in love with fall” xx

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