Tell it to Me Straight

straight forward

Diplomacy is an art in which Hilary Clinton is good at and I am not. Of course there may have been that one time when she may have not been too diplomatic, with her security lapse causing the deaths of American consulate personal back in 2012. Then again…in her defense, Hilary has visited more countries than any other Secretary of State, and that alone can make someone a little cranky and their words not always so kind. All joking aside, this is not a political post…far from it.

It’s just that, sometimes we can trip over ourselves trying to be diplomatic. While we are trying to spare others feelings we may twist the message and end up confusing or even insulting the person who feelings we were trying to spare.

There are also those times when we don’t have the time to sit and listen to the whole story you just want the person to get to the point, or because of the time involved or the urgency in the situation, we need to be direct and to the point ourselves and without guilt. Yet, when diplomacy is not used with us, it doesn’t mean we need to run and look for it. No need to run around trying to pick a fight.

There are times when a person may want you to be straight up with them, with no sugar coating. However, what we should want is the wisdom to know when straight talk is the best talk. So, take some time to remember a time when you spoke honestly and directly to someone and you totally benefited from your candor. It felt good, didn’t it?


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