You Can’t Please Everybody

being happy8

We are living in a world full of critics –well-meaning of course. Folks like parents, siblings, spouses, friends, bosses, co-workers, lovers and mentors all who think they can neatly pinpoint our defects and prescribe the appropriate treatment of what they feel is ailing us.

They seem to know what we are doing wrong with our lives and have a pretty good idea of what we ought to do. If you are a parent, I am pretty sure like most of us you’ve been guilty of being a critic toward your children and defending the reason for your criticism is because you care about their well- being. Yet, we sometimes fail to forget those times our parents may have criticized us and made us feel like our dreams and admirations were nothing, because they knew what was best for us.

I think I mentioned before how my ex-husband was not too happy about my eldest son preferring the arts and music over trying to be someone who plays sports professionally. I am so proud of my son for sticking to his guns and living his life on his terms. I won’t lie, I was a little worried that he may be come this starving artist, with the long beard, asking for handouts on the side of the road and living in a box in some alley somewhere. Not that I have anything against starving artist, but I am a mom and want the best or what I think is the best for my sons (see there it is…me being a critic). But I am happy to say, he is with is dream girl, living their dream lives, and dancing their lives away.

If we took to heart all the advice from those various critics, we would be so over whelmed with the variety of suggestions. Should we disregard them all? No way! We might actually miss out on some worthwhile advice. It is very possible to listen to others without becoming influenced by them. In any case we should always remain true to ourselves, it is crucial that we do this. Why you ask? Staying true to ourselves prevents us from going in different directions and losing ourselves in the process because Lord knows…we can’t please everybody.



  1. Very true, indeed. I think that this is a important lesson that people learn and likely re-learn at different phases of their life. I think that this lesson extends beyond learning that you can’t please everyone, into developing into a person that is happy with and accepting of themselves and their strengths and limitations. I think that once we get to this point, we’re able to seek the perspectives of others without running the risk of losing ourselves. (Similar to what you allude to in your last paragraph.)

    A timely piece of writing, and one that I needed to hear.

    • Thank you Dazey, I appreciate your comment and you are totally right. Have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

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