Leave that mess at the Door

be present

If you heard it once, you’ve heard it twice. Do not bring your romantic or family troubles to the work place – It is just not professional. Yet, there is no same warning speech about not bringing your work problems home. Hey I know it’s not easy to separate ourselves. You have those days when you walk in the door with your headset still on working on that problem from the office or either carrying around those negative emotions your family can totally live without.

For the sake of our spouse, or partner, for the sake of our children; heck, for our own sake, we’ve got to learn how to turn the switch off. Because no matter whom we live with – our parents, wife and children, family members or friends- dumping a funky mood on them is absolutely wrong.

Once you leave the office and you’re heading toward your front door, show some common courtesy and focus on the current moment and leave that work mess at the door.


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