Don’t Talk to Strangers?


I find it sad when we have to warn our children, and each other, not to be trusting of others. It just makes the world seem so frightening and dangerous. Where is the joy in our lives if we are always on our guard? I see a small child in the store, and I say hello and they look at me without speaking as if I were to harm them. Even worse, the parents don’t bother to tell the child to say hello back. Now, I get the whole don’t speak to strangers thing, but not all strangers are out to harm us. Some strangers when they speak to us are doing so out of kindness. I seem to always strike up a conversation with someone when I am out and about, and one of my girlfriends seems to always comment on the fact that I do so, as if speaking to others is a sin. I tell you, it really irritates me when she does this, and of course I let her know this, but if it weren’t for the fact that she does have a good heart, I sometimes question why am I friends with such a person.

Now, I am not saying a certain degree of wariness can’t be wise, but to automatically be suspicious of everyone can turn us into loners zoned in on only the evil that lurks “out there.” Yes, we should be cautious in our dealings with others, and we should trust our intuition if it seems high and on target, but saying hello to a stranger or helping a stranger is just being civil not necessarily love. We should not build a wall or suspect every smile, because there is sincerity and friendship, as well as romance in the world that can be ours if we are receptive of it. We must allow our intuition about people work for us, and trust that the good or ill will of those around us shall be revealed.


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