Climbing Out of the Family Tree

family tree

Twenty–three year old Samantha Lawrence has just moved into her very first apartment. She is very excited and anxious to show it off to her family, and with the various holidays coming up, she felt this would be perfect time to do so. She decided to invite her parents, her two siblings and both sets of grandparents over for some Thanksgiving desert. Samantha went shopping for all the ingredients she would need, she even purchased all new baking ware as well. Everything was all set. She finally felt like a real grownup. She called her mother to get the recipe to the infamous “Pumpkin Caramel & Pecan Cheese Cake” which has been a traditional desert handed down through the years from generation to generation. It was Thanksgiving Day and her family arrived to her apartment; everyone excited to not only see Samantha’s new place, but to also see how that “traditional” Pumpkin Caramel & Pecan Cheese Cake came out. When Samantha bought out the cheese cake, everyone looked at one another, especially the elders. “What happen, Samantha?” One of her grandmothers asked. “Nothing happen grandma Ruby, what do you mean what happened?” “Well, that cheese cake doesn’t look like the cheese cake we have been making all these years.” “Where is the caramel and pecans?” asked her mother. “Oh!” said Samantha, “I thought I would try something different and not go the same ole traditional route.” “Instead, we are going to add whip cream to the top of each slice.” “Don’t worry, it will be light, fun and delicious…You’ll see,” said Samantha.

Some of us are placed here in life for the sheer purpose of guiding our family into a new way of thinking, living and being, be it making pies or whatever the case may be. For this reason your family may think you are strange or different. They may also say you are not doing things right, and will tell you that what you are doing is wrong, which then you may feel that you are wrong. If everyone else is going right, who are you to go left? If everyone in the immediate family has survived life in a one bedroom cold flat apartment, who are you to buy a home? If this sounds familiar, don’t keep trying to convince them, just show them! It can be hard for those who are set in their ways to adapt to change, but we are living in a new age, a new time, where things must be different, and we can’t continue to do what has always been done. Something or someone has got to change! However, you will need courage once you realize that you may have been the one chosen for the task of implementing change within your family. When they see your progress that will be the only evidence they will really need, and you will be providing new direction for the generation that shall follow. You may need to be gentle with some and some you may have to leave behind. Should that be the case, give them your blessings and keep it moving. Sometimes we have to dare to be different, dare to introduce a new way of doing things and living life, and most importantly dare to climb out of that family tree.



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