That Which Doesn’t Kill Me…Makes Me Stronger

Granted most people don’t particularly care for Kanye West, for sure some of his behavior gives most a good reason not to, but like him or not he is a musical genius. If you really listen and try to understand his lyrics, the meaning and where he is coming from when he writes these songs, I think there would be a better understanding of what he is all about. When he wrote the song “Stronger” I believe he was not only referring to the haters giving him the fuel to be stronger and better, but the fact that he was in a near death car accident, coming from the studio in the wee hours of the morning, after working all day and night on his album. While doing interviews from his hospital bed and still determine to make the song “Through the Wire” while his mouth is wired shut, only proves that there may be times when you must endure some suffering before your dreams come true. Nothing stopped him from trying to fulfill his dream of becoming part of one of the largest musical Labels “Rock-a-fella Records,” headed up by Jay-Z, Damon Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke. Those challenges didn’t kill him, but made him stronger and better allowing his dream to come true.

Another person who suffered, yet did not allow others to take him off his path of perfecting his craft is comedian Jerry Seinfeld. There is an interview article where he spoke of a time that he recalls being heckled and ignored as a struggling comedian in his early days. On one particularly soul-crushing occasion, people at a New York disco went right on dancing through his act as though he weren’t even on stage. Such challenges made him a stronger person and better performer he said. “I don’t mind suffering. You suffer in all things — work, relationships, whatever else you do. Unless you’re eating ice cream, you’re suffering,” he commented.

If there was never any pain in life, we would never be able to appreciate the fruits of our hard labor, the fruits of our sacrifice, and emotions and feelings such as love, happiness and joy. So take time to think about the fact that although you may be going through some difficulties at the moment, it is only so that you will be able to appreciate your life in the times that are great. It is in times of difficulty that we are made stronger, and that we are made the best people we can possibly become.

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