The new word on the block is “Transformation” and with the New Year coming into play soon, that word will be used quite a lot, I’m sure. Yet, why can’t accepting who we are be just as wonderful as having to change? One of my favorite singers “Macy Gray” stated in an interview that when she was a young girl, she got teased so badly about the way her voice sounds, that that she didn’t speak for a few years. How awful is that? I am glad someone helped her get her self-esteem back, or we would miss out on some great music.

In some cases some may say that when we just accept our reality whatever that may be, that it sounds like a cop-out, some lame excuse for not changing or challenging ourselves. Why is it that our “reality” has to be perceived as us lacking? Maybe our reality has provided us with some great possibilities. Look what Macy’s reality has done for her career. If she had tried to change the sound of her voice, she would not be who she is and her sound would not be unique.

What about boxer Mike Tyson’s voice? When you hear his voice you practically do an exorcist head spin, because you can hardly believe that little squeaky voice came from that big guy. Now, just think what if Mike would have tried to change himself and speak in a deeper tone, just so his voice can match his strong body, he wouldn’t be the unique person he is, he wouldn’t be Mike that’s for sure. He was meant to have that voice, so that others can underestimate him and his ability to KNOCK THEM OUT!

All I am saying is sometimes we feel the need to change things about ourselves. Other times, we’ve just got to acknowledge, accept and embrace what the good Lord gave us as our physical and personality traits, our reality…and just run with it. OUT!




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