These past few days on my ride into work I have seen this car with the license plate “No Fear,” and when I first saw it, I was like…wow! That dude is one brave solider. Then I thought; wait a minute, even a solider has fear. I wish I could have a conversation with that guy to ask him what provoked him to put those words on his license plate. Is it that he does fear something, but having those words helps him conquer his fear? Is he taking refuge from the bible “Psalm 23?” I am sure I will never know his reason, but it is interesting to wonder.

As adults, we try to deny or push aside what frightens us because it’s not acceptable or easy to admit when we are scared. We shall not be cowards, we shall be strong. Let’s face it, life itself can be frightening, we have death, disease and destitution lurking in hidden corners. And we spend our lives trying to duck and dodge failure and any rejection we may come across.

Yet, we are fully alarmed when it comes to our feelings of anger, violence, and despair that threaten to well up inside of us. Fear is just a signal. Once we can identify what frightens us, we can begin to cope with it in a positive way. Well, maybe that’s what that guy with the license plate is doing, coping with what he fears.

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