12 Things You Should Do For Yourself At Least Once a Year

1. Buy yourself a good pair of shoes. The initial money you put toward them will actually amount to a lot less than you’d waste replacing the crappy pairs you buy in the interim (and a few extra dollars are worth sacrificing for general daily discomfort.)

2. Write down a list of things you didn’t think you’d be able to get through and then did. We usually just forget about the issues we spent weeks and months and years panicking over and creating our lives around – because they resolve naturally, or end up only having been issues we made up. So the next time you’re absolutely heartbroken, remember the last breakup you were certain you wouldn’t get over. (You did. You will. This too shall pass.)

3. Listen to CDs you forgot about, songs from 2007 or your junior high dance. There are few things as small, inexpensive and absolutely THRILLING as your favorite 90s song playing in the background as you complete your menial tasks of the day, and there’s nothing as oddly entertaining and perplexing as listening to the songs you did in high school, or even last year. It induces that weird nostalgia that makes all the crappy stuff gently water colored and faded into something you really think you miss for 30 seconds.

4. Rearrange your space. Even if it’s just moving the TV or changing the orientation of your bed, a shift in the layout of the room you spend the most time in actually does change the way you perceive it. Rooms absolutely carry energy, and a lot of that is dependent on what’s in them, where and for what purpose.

5. Purge. Your wardrobe, your desktop, your contacts list in your phone: get rid of everything you don’t need, anything or anyone that’s brought negativity or unnecessary anything into your life in the past year. Bring the clothes you haven’t worn/don’t want to an organization you care about (and be mindful of where you donate to in general.) When you get a new phone, only transfer the contacts you need and want to talk to each day, if you can. (Pro tip: keep a “maybe” pile for anything you’re uncertain about. Sleep on it, and then if that thing is lingering in your mind, reflect on why you still need it. You might learn something surprising about yourself and what you really want.)

6. Make a list of the things you value, and then next to that, a list of ways you’re going to make those things priorities more often. If you care more about your best friend’s feelings than you do your temporary, petty frustration, prioritize that. If you care more about living peacefully with your roommate than fighting over another dirty dish, prioritize that. Decide what matters more to you, and how you’re going to resolve your issues in ways that don’t interfere with them. The way you get over anything is simply to start caring about something else more.

7. Take yourself out to dinner. Eating alone is, by contrast, often very calming (if you can get past the cultural notion that you should always eat with somebody, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t!) But eat dinner by yourself, at a restaurant, at least once.

8. Write down a list of things you’re proud of. Things you’re really, sincerely proud of. Things you never thought you could accomplish and have. The kind of gratitude that comes with appreciating what you’ve done for yourself is unmatched. Let yourself keep surprising yourself. Make your own case for why you should trust yourself – then listen. And keep going.

9. Maybe on your birthday, make it a point to review your year. Make time to pore over and reflect on everything that has happened — journals, photos, videos, posts on social media — all the parts that combine to show you how far you’ve come. Celebrate your progress and note where you still need work. It’s a beautiful thing to be self-aware enough to take your past and present into account when considering the future.

10. Make a list of the things you’ve irrationally worried about in the last year. It will be embarrassing and uncomfortable and that’s the point. Realize how often those concerns ever actually came to pass, and more importantly, see if you can yet understand what the root of those fears were. (They’re usually pretty far based from reality.)

11. Do something surprising and unbelievably kind for someone who will not expect it (send flowers to a random friend, Paypal someone $100 for a massage, buy someone you love a really nice, special dinner). Something that is so generous you couldn’t possibly do it regularly, but that would make somebody else’s year complete, to know that somebody cared enough about them to do something at that level.

12. Buy yourself a new set of your daily basics: makeup, white v-neck t-shirts, a French Press coffee maker, a more comfortable and utilitarian daily bag. You will thank yourself for this.

Taken from:Thought Catalog “26 Things Every Person Should Do For Themselves At Least Once A Year”


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