Having Meaningful Relationships In 2016

A powerful message, which everyone should AIM for in the New Year! Do something DIFFERENT within your relationships. Take the time to REALLY get to know your family, friends, children, spouses, partners, co-workers, and others within your inner circle. If you’ve ever held a conversation with someone whether a friend or loved one and felt like they just don’t get you, nor do they bother to understand you…If you’ve ever spoken with someone who only talks about themselves and never bothers to ask you about YOU. Then this message is one you need to hear in order to help you try to create deeper more meaningful relationships with others going forward.


  1. JoHanna Massey

    I enjoyed you Post so much and had a listen to the video. It really is quite insightful. I do believe I will be having new inquiries when interacting others through the rest of this holiday week. Thank you.

    • Hi JoHanna, I am glad you enjoyed that video. It really expresses how I feel about communication among one another. I wish for you a very Happy and Safe holiday season, and I hope to continue seeing you around here within the New Year!

    • That is wonderful JoHanna. We all need to take all of that was said in that video into consideration. That is why I selected to put that out there. My blog is to help others, but it is also to help me be to become a better me, as well. I wish you so much happiness and success in the upcoming year. Don’t let the message in the video be just a holiday thing, it is meant to be something we all strive toward in our relationships with others going forward not just during the holiday season. So, don’t be afraid to use that in 2016 as well. 🙂 The very best to you.

      • JoHanna Massey

        Thank you Cheryl. As we step into 2016 I am reminded of the joyful words of Tom Peters:

        “Celebrate what you want to see more of. “Tom Peters

        All my best to you.

      • Great words!

      • JoHanna Massey

        Thank you so much.

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