Give Yourself a Fresh Start

fresh startBefore the New Year rides into town why not commit to giving ourselves a fresh start. Forget all about those corny “New Year Resolutions” that we never keep anyways. Instead take time to sit alone and reflect on your life. Think about all the changes you want to make and how you are going to go about making those changes. It really helps when you make a plan for your year ahead.

Don’t you find it sad that you rarely allow yourself truly new days, but just a reprise of your old days? Self examination is the key to a fresh start, a time to check our route on the map of our lives. Do we need to change direction? Are we prepared to face any new mountains that may lie ahead? Hopefully, we are not carrying some burdensome load that will keep us from maintaining the pace needed to reach our goals. If so, then we may need to cast off those weights that are stifling our progress.

Each time you are given another day to be alive, is your opportunity to start fresh. So, are you ready for a fresh start? Well, let’s take a look!



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  1. Like your idea!

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