Embrace and Enjoy Who You Are in 2016


With the New Year still in tow, there’s still time to make those major changes for yourself. Starting with how you see yourself, and how you feel about yourself going forward. And you can start by not allowing the way others may judge you control you.  People may know your name, not your story. They heard of what you’ve done, but don’t understand what you’ve been through. So take their opinions of you with a grain of salt. Because in the end, it really doesn’t matter what others may think of you, but what you think of yourself that really counts. Sometimes you have to do exactly what’s right for you and your life, without giving a whoot what your life may look like to everyone who in all honestly, doesn’t know you.

It is time to stop being a people-pleaser. Always wanting everyone’s love and respect is a totally pointless and in the end it can harm your personal development and confidence. Who cares what other people say? What matters most is that you listen to your own inner confidence and if it’s missing, then this is the year you start developing it! This doesn’t mean that no one else’s opinion in life matters, but it does hurt if you are socially rejected, and you feel forced into a situation where you must spend most of all your time around people who really can’t stand you for reasons of their own. And if you really think about this, it becomes dangerous for you if just to fit in, you start to internalize their negative ideas of who you are.

Realize that when we are constantly seeking approval it only means that we are always worried that others are forming negative judgments of us. By doing this to ourselves only steals the fun, ingenuity, as well as the spontaneity from our lives. Let 2016 be the year you flip the switch on that behavior. If you are lucky enough to have something that makes you different from everybody else, don’t be ashamed and don’t change. Being unique is priceless. After all you are human, not a robot. So what you laugh out loud, or have some silly quirk about you. That means you have uniqueness about you that only you can bring to the table. In this crazy world that’s trying to make you like everyone else, you need to find the courage to keep being your remarkable self. So what if they laugh at you for being different. Laugh back at them for being the same. Yes, it takes a lot of courage to stand alone, but it is totally worth it. Being unapologetically YOU is worth it! Always remember that rejection from others is a great teacher. How so? Well, it teaches you that being rejected doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough; it just means someone else failed to notice what you have to offer.  So, go forth in the New Year and be the remarkable, unique individual you were designed to be. Let this year be the year you start to embrace and enjoy who you truly are.


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