Growing Pains


Growing up is tough. You truly go through various changes in life as you start to grow into adult hood. Not only your likes and dislikes change, your mindset, beliefs, body and relationships change as well. I recently overheard a conversation between two young women, and they were talking about how they no longer are friends with those they were friends with in high school, and how it all seemed weird, because of course they were to be “best friends for life.” It is funny how we seem to think that change is some new experience in our lives, when our lives have always been a process of growing and outgrowing. When you were an infant within a few weeks you outgrew your clothes. You outgrew your shoes before you even wore them out. If you had parents that marked your growth on a door frame, you were growing then as well. You were excited and happy when your body finally grew from puberty to adolescent. However, for some reason, today it is hard to accept you have outgrown a relationship, career, habit or for some your home town. You constantly hold on, afraid to let go, constantly trying to make it work, all while you create emotional, physical and even spiritual pain for yourself, which is not a good thing to do.

In order for our lives to work out on our behalf we must give ourselves permission to grow. Listen up! If something is no longer making you happy; if you are unsuccessfully searching for ways to make it work; if you know in your heart that whatever it is, its over- then let go and grow. I recently decided to end a friendship because it is no longer right for me. I’ve said many times in past post that when someone shows you who they really are, you best believe them. I am not one who can force or fake a friendship or anything for that matter, so I have no problem bowing out when I need to. Life is too short and you must be willing to find new ways to grow. Be more open to new environments to grow in. You have to stop being with those individuals that just are no  longer on the same page you’re on, and start looking for those individuals that are growing the way you want to grow and are willing to help and support your growth. Yes, you may feel bad about leaving those behind, but you should never feel bad about your growth. Some people will not support you. Others will try to make you feel bad. You might be afraid. You may even experience some pain along the way. Yet, you must realize it is a part of growing and growing up. However, if ever you need a taste of the type of pain you will experience when you do not allow yourself to grow, then try putting on those shoes you wore back in high school, now that there will give you an experience of real growing pains.





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