Solitary Confinement


I can recall after being divorced for a few years, I had days when I would begin to feel sorry for myself. Wondering not only how I was going to take care of three little ones but, how was I going to be able to raise three boys on my own. Until one of my girlfriends had to remind me of all I had accomplished on my own thus far and all that I had going for myself. She made me not only feel better, but she also made me realize that I had to keep the faith and believe that I will get through anything that comes my way, and I did. And if you’re going through something, so will you!

Self-pity is a trap most of us know very well. It usually occurs when we are stuck and feel we cannot change our condition, or we think the forces against us are much too strong to fight back. When we tell ourselves there is no way out of a bad situation, or have not really tried looking for a solution, it’s no wonder we feel so sorry for ourselves.

There is nothing productive to come out of self-pity. If anything, it wastes time that could be put to better use, like focusing on ways to solve the problem. Self-pity only drags us down, causing us to replay our worse fears about ourselves in our heads. Making us feel inept or undeserving of something better.

We just need to figure out our next step and put an end to the self-pity. We have a ton of options; we just need to be able to see them. So the next time your thoughts start leading you down the road of self-pity, bring them to a major halt. Remind yourself that you will not become a prisoner of your own solitary confinement.



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