I’ve Got the Power!


Keri Sanders had just graduated from college. She moved from living with her parents, straight to living in a dorm with two other roommates. This means she has never lived alone. A few of her girlfriends back home were living alone and having a blast being single. Keri wanted to experience living on her own as a young single career gal, as well, but doubted she could handle it, partially because her parents kept telling her she would not be able to. They would say things like “You won’t be able to afford it”, or “It’s not safe for a single girl to live alone.” Although, Keri was fortunate to have found a great paying job in her field of study, and was very responsible, as well as cautious, she also believed those things her parents would say to her. Fast forward and Keri is now in her mid-thirties, and still has not experienced living on her own, (not even once). Not because she doesn’t want to, but because Keri trusts and believes what others have said about her rather than trusting and believing in herself.

Self-doubt damages your self-worth! Can you remember what happened the last time you second-guested yourself? Or the time you let people talk you out of what you had decided to do? Have you forgotten what happened when you kept changing your mind back and forth several times and ended up doing what made “them” happy? For some of us it is difficult to believe we can really trust and believe in ourselves. It always seems so much easier to trust other people, to listen to someone else. The thing we fail to realize is that when we don’t trust ourselves, we will allow little setbacks and little people to take us off our mission. Then the minute something gets a little out of whack, we start to worry. Yet, worrying only leads to negative self-talk and ultimately self-doubt. That is why it is very important that we know how powerful we are, how powerful our minds are. It is time we get focused on our mission and become our own line of defense, keep our own score. Then start listening to ourselves very carefully, because you never know when you may say exactly what you need to hear.





  1. Oh so so true!

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