Not Today You Won’t!


Each morning when I rise, the first thing I do is get some type of spiritual connection. I don’t leave my house without my quite time of meditation or listening to one of my few favorite television ministers, because as you know, the devil is always busy plotting; so I need that in my life each day to help keep my head straight. Yet, it seem like no matter how hard you try to remain joyful and not allow little things to get under your skin; those small petty things always seems to find their way in…don’t they?

Here you are driving along the freeway singing to the tunes on the radio, in a really good mood, and BAM! Here comes this jerk cutting right in front of you, almost causing an accident. He continues to drive ahead of you as if nothing happened and you’re full of steam like a whistling tea pot, he has caused you to lose your joy. This morning as you’re running around getting ready for work, you just can’t get your hair to behave, and the outfit you’ve selected is now way too tight, now you thinking not only am I going to have a bad hair day, but I am running late. All that starts to cause you to lose your joy. Maybe you get to work and that co-worker you have been trying to avoid for weeks confronts you with some nonsense, then walks away grinning; this causes you to lose your joy. It is always the little things that seem to affect us the most and yet, they are the things that really don’t or shouldn’t matter.

There are tons of trappings in life trying to steal your joy if you allow it You have advertisements making you feel like a total loser if you don’t use or wear their products. You have the news reporting old news, constantly dwelling on it as though at this moment it is important. When it’s only important for them to keep it fresh in your mind, which then causes you to lose your joy and begin to worry. You have to ask yourself how much of what I am worrying about or stressing about will really matter tomorrow. If you look around you, you’ll notice that it seems everyone is on a trivial pursuit to live for things that don’t really matter.  It’s when you realize that the small petty things you worry about won’t matter in eternity, that you’ll stop stressing and be a more joyful person. So, the next time one of those petty things starts to poke their little head out at you. Just stand firm and say “Not today you won’t!”






  1. Yes l shall remind myself. Not today you won’t. Thanks. Just saying it makes me feel a bit better.

    • Hi Cally, Glad I could help you feel better. 🙂

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