Tell the Truth!


Marlene called her best friend Vicky, for help with an issue she was having with another friend of theirs. Marlene went on and on explaining the situation and all that happened, except she left out a few parts of the story. The part of the story she left out was the part she played that caused some of the drama she was now a vital part of. She didn’t want to look bad and wanted Vicky to be on her side of the messy situation.

Chris got into a serious fender bender, which was actually his fault. Yet, when he called his insurance company he told them it was the other person’s fault. What Chris failed to realize was that the claim representative from his insurance company had received the police report from the accident which revealed what really happened. Now Chris has to come out of pocket to pay for the damages.

Nicki was being evicted from her apartment because for months she was unable to pay the rent. Nicki had lost her job and did not tell anyone about it. Nicki’s landlord had warned her to be out of the apartment on a certain day and time or he was going to throw her belongings out into the street. Nicki totally ignored his threats. One Friday night after partying with her girls, Nicki pulled up to her apartment complex to find all her belongings in the street, just as the landlord had promised. Unfortunately, for Nicki her friends had quickly pulled off, which left Nicki no other choice, but to call her parents. Whenever Nicki’s parents would ask her how she was doing, she lied and said everything was fine, and never mentioned anything about losing her job or the situation she was now in. Now, she must tell them the truth.

How often is it we run to people, asking for their help or assistance, but we don’t tell them the whole story? We leave out the pieces that would make us look bad, we skip over parts we think will make them think we are just plain dumb. We also conveniently forget to mention what we did that got us in the situation in the first place. When will we learn that we must tell the whole truth if we want to be helped out of a bad situation? People cannot help you if you don’t give them all the facts and important information. Telling the truth is being completely real. We need to tell the truth, even if it makes us look bad or foolish. No matter what you think the other person needs to hear in order to get them to help you, the truth and only the truth will get you the support, the help and most of all the freedom you so desire. If you only give half the truth, you can only receive half of the solution, so tell the truth!



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