That Time of the Month


It’s that time of the month again. Time for retailers to put the psychology course from their marketing major into play, by either making you feel the pressure of going out and spending unnecessary money, just so you can prove your love to your significant other, or make you feel less loved if you aren’t on the receiving end. Yes, it’s time for you to either go big or NOT go home.  And although, you may show your love in so many ways throughout the year, it seems to be the one time of the month for an entire year, that really proves it or that matters. It’s that time of the month when children anticipate receiving valentine cards from their classmates, as well as time for those that don’t receive one to sadly get their feelings hurt.

Guys are doing back flips to make sure they send flowers to your work place on that specific date, just so your co-workers know that you are loved. Some are going into debt to make sure you have the biggest and best to show off to all your friends. Why do we allow all this added stress in our lives? If someone is constantly showing you how much they care, appreciate and love you why should they need to go that extra mile to prove it to you? Isn’t helping you prove how much they love you to your co-workers enough proof of their love? What happens after that time of the month has come and gone? Does the doubt of their love for you subside until that time of the month next year?

Yes, that time of the month happens to be Valentine’s Day, and although it seems as if I am bashing Valentine’s Day, I’m not. It’s just at times I feel that Valentine’s Day can seem a little bit selfish. You know…all about our needs and wants. I am just saying maybe we should look at that day differently. What would happen if on Valentines’ Day you and the one you love showed love to someone who’s unloved? Do something like volunteer at a food shelter for the day and spread some love together that way, if allowed go to an orphanage or home for unwanted children and spread some love there. How about spreading some love by going to a nursing home with flowers to some lonely elderly person, that family never visits. Do something nice for a co-worker who you know is going through some things. Send a card or hand written letter to a special friend or family member.  I am just suggesting we get out of ourselves for a change and show some love to others. Maybe if you and your loved one did these types of things together, this time next year you both will feel more at ease about that time of the month.



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  1. You got some good ideas!

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