Great Valentine Gifts for Men


If we didn’t know any better, we would think Valentine’s Day is all about the women of the world.  Don’t men want to know they are loved and appreciated too!? Here are some great gift ideas for that special man in your life. Whether he’s the love of our life, or your love for the moment, the sophisticated type or a good ole country boy, he may enjoy receiving one of these gifts mentioned.

  • An expensive watch, cufflinks or jewelry
  • A bottle of expense cologne (preferably his favorite)
  • A nice jazzy neck tie for the more conservative type
  • Leather of any kind, back pack, belt, brief case, phone case, etc.
  • A large basket of his favorite treats
  • A large basket of his favorite grooming & hygiene products
  • A large basket of goodies for his car
  • A large basket of goodies for the wannabe golfer
  • A couple of nice dress shirts
  • A couple of flannel shirts (to keep him warm when you’re not around)
  • A really cool hat of his style choice
  • Some nice briefs (preferably his style of course)
  • Really nice set of shot, whiskey, or wine glasses
  • A box of good cigars (if he smoke cigars)
  • A nice expensive bottle of wine or his drink of choice (one that the bottle can be later displayed on his bar area)
  • A new suit
  • A nice blazer or jacket
  • His favorite video games for the kid in him
  • Trinket for his desk (one with some thought put into it)
  • Pen and pencil set
  • Tickets to his favorite sport game
  • Tickets to the theater

The list can go on and on. What is important is that you put as much thought into his gift, as you would want him to put into yours. By doing so, you are sure to have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!





  1. Bet you’re making some guy happy!

    • Thanks, for the vote of confidence, but not this year. 🙂

      • No? Well spend it all on yourself then!

      • There is nothing I need or want. Besides, I am more of a giver than a receiver. Have a great weekend!

      • You


  2. Do not forget about the Echo speaker. Check out my blog.


  3. I could add another quote: “You can get crazy touching the body of your favourite soul”

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