What’s Wrong with Loving Ourselves?

love yourself 8

Why is it we think our physical appearance defines who we are? Is it because we don’t love ourselves? What would you look like if you had helped God form you? Most would probably have larger this and smaller that, curler this, and straighter that, darker this or lighter that. When you have self-love you have a sense of security in who you are. When you have self-love you are secure enough in yourself not to allow another person’s opinion of you dictate your own attitude about who you are. We are always putting ourselves down by saying really bad things like “I look horrible.” Or beat ourselves up by saying things like “how could I have been so stupid?” How would you feel if someone you love said those things to you on a daily basis? Not good I bet, then why would you speak to yourself that way. When we don’t love ourselves it makes us have self-doubt.

You must believe you are worthy of love before you can truly begin to love yourself. Ok, so you did some crazy stuff in your past. Your past is the past, get over it and forgive yourself then move on. You cannot allow your past mistakes dictate how your future will be. Your future is how you are today, not what or where you were in the past. Yes, you will get those people that may try to remind you of your past mistakes, those people don’t love themselves and for some reason don’t like to see other people growing, changing or evolving, so of course they will throw your past in your face to try to upset you. But you must not allow what anyone says about you upset you, because when you know who you are and whose you are (A child of God) then that is all that matters.

Do you know that the word love is in the bible five hundred and eighty-eight times? So, we are not just meant to love each other, but love ourselves as well. Not loving who we are and the purpose for our existence is an insult to God. We are all here for a reason and a purpose and until you learn to love who you are you will never really know what your purpose is. When we constantly need the approval of others it can damage our self-love. When you stop seeking the need or the approval of others it will help build your confidence in yourself and what you believe about yourself. So, again I ask, what’s wrong with loving ourselves? NOTHING!



  1. One of the recent realizations I’ve made, is that the Golden rule says to love our neighbours as WE LOVE OURSELVES. Surely God wouldn’t have said that if he didn’t mean for us to love and like ourselves.
    Lovely article!

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