Who’s going to Love Me?

love yourself

Alicia Powell is a gorgeous five foot seven inches of curvy woman, with a smile that can light up the sky, and a personality to match. She has a cute pixie hair cut which totally brings out her lovely facial features. She has a great job as a financial analyst at one of the top accounting firms in Chicago, and tons of friends she hangs out with every chance she gets. However, right now Alicia is on a serious mission to find someone to love her. One would think that with Alicia’s looks, outgoing personality, and a great job she would have tons of guys banging down her door. Well, Alicia has had several boyfriends…some good ones too. Yet, there is something else Alicia has that has caused every man in her life to not stick around for too long and that is a low self-esteem. Alicia is the type of woman that feels that if she doesn’t have a man that she can bring to an event, an outing, or a man lying around her home, that she is less of a woman. Because don’t all women need a man to feel better about themselves? There’s a lot of Alicia’s walking around masquerading to be fabulous, yet deep down are insecure and not knowing their true worth. Like Alicia, some women feel by having a man it prove their existence as a woman. I am not saying women don’t need men because we do, but what women don’t need to do is suddenly lose their minds, self-respect or themselves just because a man is in their lives.

There are some men who prey on women with low self-esteem, for it allows them to feel strong and powerful. It makes them feel they are in total control of the relationship because the woman is so needy that they would do anything just to be in a relationship and not be left alone. Yet, when you are in that type of relationship you are alone because it’s no longer about you, it is about what the man wants and needs, and all he can get from the relationship. All the while the man is not taking the relationship too seriously, because men really like a woman with confidence. Someone that can hold her own and not need him, but wants him as a companion not a daddy figure or a void to be filled for what is missing in their lives. Instead of hunting for love, what Alicia really needs is to take that down time and invest in herself. Rebuild her self-esteem by realizing its okay to want a man, but not to feel she needs a man in order to survive. Only then will Alicia be able to answer her own question of who’s going to love me, by learning before anyone else can love her, she first needs to love herself.


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