Believing in God’s Presence is our Comfort


I ran across this television program called “Little women of Atlanta,” and on this episode there were these three little women who each were going through some relationship issues. One of them was whining about how she doesn’t have a relationship with her father and how it has affected her relationships with men. I say she was whining because how many times have we all heard this same story from both male and females regarding not having a relationship with a parent, and they use that void as an excuse of how they deal with relationships or life in general. It may be even you reading this going through the same issues as she was. Granted life would be much easier if we all were blessed with the perfect parents, or the prefect husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. But since none of us are perfect beings, we have to deal with the cards we are handed, in the best way we know how.

Maybe you have been born into some terrible circumstances causing you to face a lot of adversity in your life. None of that should make you a victim! It’s only when you believe it does, that it will! Granted that little woman also has the adversity of being a little person that she has to deal with, but she is on television getting paid and probably any help she may need to try and overcome what she is enduring.

Take a look at the biblical story of Joseph, who we could say was victimized by his own brothers. They threw him into a well and sold him into slavery. Then they had the nerve to tell their father Isaac that Joseph was dead. For several years, Joseph served as a slave and eventually became the captain of the king’s army. While in that position Joseph was able to save his family including his low down brothers from starvation. Yet, Joseph never considered himself a victim instead he told his brothers “What you did you meant for evil, but God meant it for good!” Just as dog barks, people have the propensity to do evil, mean, mindless, irresponsible and unloving things to you, but instead of asking why you should be asking “How can I use this for my own growth?”

Maybe you don’t realize it, but you have the power to reshape and redefine and redirect any experience, no matter how terrible it seems. So take off the victim cape you’ve been wearing; believe and have confidence that God’s presence is your comfort and whatever you are dealing with ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to use it for something good.



  1. I love your perspective! It’s so easy to see ourselves as victims. Of other people’s anger, rage or terror. But like you said here, I’d so much rather prefer to say that I emerged victorious. Lovely perspective. If you’ve got time, please check out my blog =>

    • Thank you, and I did check out your blog. It is great! 🙂

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