The Pictures on the Walls


If you went into any home across the world the walls of those homes would be filled with memories and aspirations. There may be photos of different versions of children as they grew throughout the years, family members, recent vacations, or places we would like to visit, inspirational quotes on love, peace and happiness all things that make us happy and at peace when we look at them.

Now, I haven’t been inside every home in the world, but I bet you there are no walls with images showing a stressful lifestyle. I don’t think I would see a picture of anyone running with suitcases through a busy airport, someone with road rage while sitting in traffic, a mother rushing to get children off to school, or even a picture of a day at the office.

Instead, the pictures we hang on our walls are to celebrate family, friends and the hope for a better world.

Yet, we head out the door each day to live these hurried desperate lives. We rush from here to there hoping to find a better way toward worldly gain that will give us a better life, as we pile up on anxiety.

Meanwhile, back home the pictures on our walls invite us to view something better. They remind us of a life lived on purpose and with meaning. And they call for us to focus on the very things that make us human.

Unfortunately, too many of us will never notice, because we are out striving to get that next dollar bill to buy another picture frame to put an image of the life we wish we were living.


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