‘Uber just for women’

Ladies, your chariot awaits…

audrey and car

If you thought chariots for women were just in fairytales, you can think again.

As the worrying increase in sexual assault claims made by women to popular taxi service Uber grows louder, a new Boston-based startup has decided to launch a car service made just for ladies.

Yep, in an attempt to improve women’s safety, the new female-only Uber-like service called Chariot for Women will only accept women or children under 13 as passengers. Sorry fellas!




  1. I used to have a friend who ran “Ladycabs” in London back in the 80s, they are no longer going but are needed again now. A taxi driver tried to rape me once when I was younger. Taxi driving is the perfect vocation for a rapist get someone alone in his car.

    • I hear ya! I take taxis and am always on guard. They lock you in the cab…what’s that all about???

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