Watch Out Siri, Here Comes Jia Jia


Meet Jia Jia the new interactive “Robot Goddess” from The University of Science and Technology of China.

They recently unveiled an eerily realistic robot named Jia Jia. She looks more human-like than that creepy ScarJo robot.  Jia Jia can talk and interact with real humans, as well as make some facial expressions — she can even tell you off if she senses you’re taking an unflattering picture of her (just like a girl would do).  Someone from the press conference was trying to take her picture and she told them “Don’t come too close to me; It will make my face look fat.”

The team spent three years designing her, making sure her mouth moves when she speaks and that her eyes glance around the room naturally. But they’ve yet to figure out how she can laugh or cry… and how to make her hands look less like a department store mannequin. Those might come with version 2, since the researchers intend to continue working on Jia Jia despite having no plans of mass producing her. Team leader Chen Xiaoping (in the light blue shirt) said they hope to give her deep learning and facial recognition capabilities in the future.

Is she nice? Who knows, but China’s first interactive robot can respond to human orders, make micro facial expressions and much more. What’s  your thoughts on Jia Jia?


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