Ways to Reward Yourself on a Weekly Basis

treat yourself

  • Take a bubble bath – Is there anything more soul soothing than filling up the tub with warm water and bubbles and soaking until all your cares melt away? To make the experience even more enjoyable, there are bathtub caddies that will prop up a book and hold a glass of wine for the ultimate in relaxation.
  • Have a glass of wine – Just one glass has the power to calm your nerves and reduce your stress. Pour yourself a healthy portion of red, curl up on the couch, and sip until your heart’s content.
  • Relax in the Park – Strike while the iron is hot and find a comfortable spot in the park and drift off to dreamland while you can.
  • Take time off the Internet – Sometimes, we all need a break from the outside world, and during that time, you’ll be able to do anything, and you won’t be disturbed.
  • Listen to loud music – And don’t forget to dance!
  • Read a good book –Take a trip to the library and browse the extensive selection for a title you never knew you wanted to read.
  • Go out for dinner – Whether it is to your favorite restaurant, to your mom’s house, or to eat fast food…
  • Pick up flowers at your local market – This little attention will bring joy into your home.
  • Order In –Take off that apron, turn off the stove and take a load off. Pick a menu from the pile and order from a place you’ve been dying to try.
  • Write in a diary or journal – It is so liberating and very amusing to read later in your life.
  • Watch a movie in bed – Slip in your comfiest pyjamas and enjoy. 
  • Look at old memories – This is a great way to make you smile.
  • Call a friend or a family member –When you’re busy, any time you can connect with friends or family for more than five minutes outside of a holiday is a reward. Think of someone you enjoy talking to and schedule a 20-minute catch-up conversation.
  • Make cuddle time with your sweetie – With work, family and other interferences, cuddle time can be scarce. Take a day off just to be with your sweetie. You both will appreciate it.
  • Catch up on your DVR – Watching all my favorite shows in one sitting is a total reward for me, usually reserved for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Nothing better than enjoying a reward with the fridge so close, right?
  • Wander around town – There are probably many areas that you’ve never seen. A little bit of surprise can’t hurt.


  1. lots of great ideas 🙂

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