Mind Your Own Business!


I believe a most of the troubles the world is facing are due to comparisons. Everyone is in competition and trying so hard to compare themselves to the next person. I think competition is great within sports, games, etc., yet sometimes that too can get a little out of control. For we all know in sports, games, etc., someone has to win and someone has to lose. Therefore, all one can do is their best and make the necessary improvements for a better outcome next go round.  But we have so many people stuck on trying to be like the next person, that they have no idea why or what they are really striving for. Some of us even go broke trying to compare ourselves to others. We compare cell phones, cars, homes, clothing, education, the neighborhood we live in, and some even compare children.

We must stop comparing ourselves to anyone else. We must resist the urge to compare where we are and what we are doing against the strides or failures of another. All comparing yourself to others does is feed into self-doubt. And self-doubt grows into self-defeat. A perfect example of that would be in the workplace. A co-worker received a promotion, that maybe you feel you should have received, so instead of congratulating that person, you feel some type of way.  Granted they have a little more money in their pocketbooks, and a nice big title behind their name, but they also have a ton of new added on responsibilities. If you were to be totally honest and straight up with yourself you would really think about the added responsibility part of it all. Would you be able to handle it, and are you truly ready for all that added stress in your life? Sometimes we get so caught up in the money and titles that we forget about all the other stuff that comes with being promoted and having more responsibilities.

Yet, if you just allow yourself to grow at your own pace when the time comes (and it will) you will be ready for all the extras of being promoted entails. Your growth is your business, and it has nothing to do with how anyone else is growing. When you do the best that you can, where you are, with what you have it does not matter what anyone else is doing. The time you spent watching and comparing yourself to others is the time that can be spent developing your skills. Perfecting your craft, and creating your vision for your future. What you are doing is your own business. And when you pay attention to it, it will ultimately pay off for you- not the people you are watching. So don’t allow self-doubt or self-defeat to seep into your thoughts, just work on minding your business and you should be just fine.



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