I Need Some Peace!


Have you heard the saying “hurt people, hurt people?” Well, it is so very true. Have you ever had someone mistreat you for no reason and you’re left wondering where on earth did that come from? Maybe you yourself have hurt someone out of anger. Not angry at them really, but angry with yourself, which can only imply there is some underlined reason for your anger. We have negative emotions that at times out of nowhere take control of our mindset. You know the ones I am referring to like – fear, shame, guilt, betrayal, rejection and disappointment. Which is why when we do go off on someone, we are really not upset with for the reason we think we are; there is always something else going on inside. Most of the time what triggers us is all that old stuff we have stored in the back of our minds that at times comes out to the forefront to challenge us.

Let’s say you’re working at an event alongside others and all of a sudden something from your past triggers something in your mind, and for no reason, you start to bully one of the individuals you are working alongside.  Now, the person you picked to bully has never had to work with you, matter-of-fact they just met you a few weeks ago. So, they have no idea why you are behaving this way toward them, but they chose to ignore you and your behavior. Well, this doesn’t sit well with you, because this means they are rejecting you and your behavior. That person ignoring you bothered you because it may have triggered some place in your memory bank when someone close to you may have rejected you, and you never got over being rejected by that individual. That is when you have to ask yourself “What am I really feeling?” “Why am I being this way toward this person?” An honest inquiry into your feelings will have you taking on that challenge that popped into the forefront of your mind to the time you were rejected and who that person was that rejected you and how they made you feel. Once you identify who that person was you need to forgive him or her. You must forgive that person for weakening yourself-image, yourself-value. Then after you forgive that person you must forgive yourself for believing them.

Forgiveness heals old wounds. Forgiveness also removes us from the dark shadows of our past. Forgiveness helps us understand where we are, how we got there, and how to shut the door, lock it tight and throw away the key and not allow it to return. Forgiveness gives us PEACE!





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